Real Estate Asset Management Services

Integrated Construction Monitoring

  • One source of truth for 360 view of asset
  • Platform integrates exiting tools used for technical asset management, finance & accounts and compliance
  • Platform optimizes analytics, workflow management and central reporting
  • Predict costs, forecast sales and standardize data

Our solutions

  • Opex Module
  • NOC Module
  • Construction, Sales & Cashflow Module
  • Compliance Module
  • Consolidated Asset Management Module

Project Management Consulting as a Service

  • Low touch solutions for performing assets
  • High touch solutions for complex projects and projects under stress
  • Partnership approach to identify and reduce portfolio issues
  • Simplify decision making
  • Data driven Statistical ML

Team TruGenie

Subhodeep Das Head – Real-Estate
Manish Varma Principal
Geeta Bhosle Associate Vice President